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Medicare Advantage PPO Plans with a Healthy Dose of Choice

New in 2009, Today’s Options® PPO Plans are an affordable way to get the Medicare Advantage coverage you need – from the doctors and hospitals you trust.

You can choose any doctor or hospital in our extensive network. Our Medicare Advantage PPO plans offer different levels of coverage, but all offer significant savings on doctor and hospital co-pays, compared to Original Medicare.

Our Today’s Options PPO plans with integrated Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage powered by CCRxSM (MAPD plans) have affordable and comprehensive prescription drug coverage built right in for one monthly plan premium.

Just as important: Today’s Options PPO understands you trust your doctors and pharmacists. We support those important bonds and give your local doctors and pharmacists a voice in your care.

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With Today’s Options PPO, you won’t have to meet a deductible before you can start enjoying savings on medical services.





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