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How to Save Money on Your Prescriptions

Save Money on Your Prescription Drug Costs

Today's Options works with you and your pharmacist to save you money in several ways.

1. Generic Medicines

Generic medicines are effective at keeping you healthy and saving you money.

Generics are required by the Food and Drug Administration to have the same ingredients, strength and dosage form and work the same way as brand-name medicines, yet they may cost as much as 80 percent less than brand-name medicines.1

Today's Options plans offer generics at low or no co-pays.

2. Programs To Keep You On Your Drug Regimen

Prescription medicines are therapeutic but only when taken properly.

We review our patients' pharmacy claims to determine if they are taking their medicines often enough to treat their conditions. We provide that information to our patients' pharmacists, who can help our patients get back on track if necessary.

Sometimes it is better to take additional medicines. For example, for our patients with diabetes, we recommend additional medicines to prevent heart and kidney diseases. We contact our patients' doctors and educate our patients' pharmacists to make sure they prescribe and dispense these life-enhancing medicines.

1Source: Generic Pharmaceutical AssociationTM (GPhA) Web site, www.1.gphaonline.org, 2006.

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