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Medicare Advantage PPO

A Medicare Advantage Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan is a Medicare Advantage Plan available in some areas of the country. Medicare pays a set amount of money every month to the private insurance company to provide healthcare to people with Medicare. A Medicare Advantage PPO Plan has a network of primary care doctors, specialists, and hospitals that you may go to. You can go to any doctor, specialist, or hospital not in the plan’s network, but you will have to pay higher co-pays or coinsurance. Some Medicare Advantage PPO Plans offer integrated prescription drug coverage (called MAPD plans). Some plans also offer additional benefits, such as vision and hearing screenings, disease management, and other services not covered under the Original Medicare Plan. Monthly plan premiums and how much you pay for services vary depending on the Medicare Advantage plan.

In 2009, Today’s Options will offer a Medicare Advantage PPO Plan. Visit our plan finder to see if Today’s Options PPO Medicare Advantage Plans are available in your area.

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