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Appeal Process

Appealing Payment Decisions

If you feel that a clean claim you submitted should have been paid differently, you have the right to dispute the payment from Today’s Options.

The Today’s Options Provider Dispute Resolution process includes two (2) methods of appeal: (1) an initial verbal inquiry; and (2) a formal written provider dispute resolution request.

To file a dispute, you may call Provider Relations at 1-866-568-8921from 8 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week.

Or send a written dispute resolution request to:

Today’s Options
4888 Loop Central Drive
Suite 700
Houston, Texas 77081
Attn: Provider Dispute Resolution
Fax: 713-978-6703

Complete a copy of our dispute resolution form.

We will respond to all written disputes regarding claims within thirty (30) business days.

All disputes regarding claims must be disputed within 365 days from the date we adjudicated or made an initial determination with respect to the particular claim that gave rise to the dispute.

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