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Provider Roles and Responsibilities

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In order to provide quality services to our members, it is necessary for TexanPlus and its Providers to maintain a cooperative relationship. We strongly believe in the concept of "A Healthy Collaboration" with those who deliver services to TexanPlus members. To maintain open communication, we encourage Providers to direct questions and concerns to the TexanPlus Provider Relations department.

TexanPlus’s Providers Relations can be reached at: 1-866-678-5240

The TexanPlus Provider Relations staff will be able to assist in answering many questions Providers may have including but not limited to:

  • Joining the network
  • Knowing your network status or whether a referral you wish to make is to a TexanPlus participating Provider
  • Adding or changing a facility program
  • Inquiring about claims issues or concerns
  • Understanding contract language and reimbursement schedule
  • Asking about application Status
  • Credentialing/Re-credentialing Status
  • Confirming provider numbers (Unique assigned ID and Vendor numbers)
  • Changing availability (i.e. extended leave, sabbatical)

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