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Medicare Supplement Insurance and Traditional Insurance

Medicare Supplement Insurance plays an important role in filling the holes in original Medicare, Part A and Part B. Because Medicare Parts A and B have many holes—from large cost sharing on hospitalizations to lack of dental coverage—people with Medicare are very much in need of additional coverage. Without supplemental insurance, most people with Medicare Parts A and B are underinsured and risk finding necessary healthcare unaffordable.

Our Position

  • Medicare Supplement insurance plans are health insurance plans sold by private insurance companies to help fill the "gaps" in original Medicare coverage. Medicare Supplement insurance plans cover most or all of Medicare's coinsurance and deductibles for hospital stays (Part A) and physician charges (Part B). Universal American supports a strong Medicare Supplement Insurance marketplace, and applauds Congress modifying some of the more popular plans to include a small physician copay. This will help discourage unnecessary physician services.
  • Many Americans choose to protect themselves and their families from high medical bills and end-of-life expenses by selecting insurance products that provide a financial cushion in event of difficult diseases such as cancer and help with funeral expenses. The Universal American family of companies offers these products and supports an insurance market that continues to listen and adapt to the wishes of our members.
  • For people with limited income and assets who cannot afford Medicare Supplement Insurance policies and other traditional insurance, the Medicare Savings Programs can provide critical assistance. But millions of people who qualify are not enrolled. Universal Americans supports vigorous outreach by the Federal and State governments to increase enrollment in these programs, and we support simplifying the long Medicaid enrollment processes that may keep some qualified people from applying. We also support education to people who qualify for the Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy (LIS), and education to these same people about the extra benefits and care management services provided in Medicare Advantage plans. Universal American works with experts across the country to assist its eligible members in applying for these assistance programs.

Note: Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and their insurers are not connected with or endorsed by the United States government or the Federal Medicare program.