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Help For Caregivers

Are you helping friends or loved ones find the right Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan?

It is important to gather as much information as possible to help them make the right decision. Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Be sure to set aside time to talk about their needs – at least 30 minutes to an hour.
  • While it is important to be sensitive to their privacy, you can help them make the best decision if you know:
    • Their medical history
    • Any prescription drugs they take
    • What doctors they visit
    • What hospitals they prefer
  • Find out what kind of medical insurance they have now, including Medicaid, which is different from Medicare
  • Ask them how involved they want you to be. Do they want you to make decisions about their Medicare plan on their behalf?
    • If so, you need to become an appointed representative. An appointed representative can be a friend, relative, advocate, or anyone of the Medicare beneficiary’s choosing. In order to act as an appointed representative for someone enrolled in a Universal American plan, you and the person enrolled in the plan must sign and date an Appointment of Representative Form. Please contact the Member Services line for the Universal American plan of interest to you or your loved one.

Once you know more about their needs, you’re ready to find a plan. Using our plan finder tool is a good place to start.

By simply entering the Medicare beneficiary’s zip code and answering a few questions, you can find the right Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan for their needs.

Our plan finder tool will help you compare annual costs, find out if their drugs are covered by our plans and see if their doctors are in our network.

Once you have found the right plan and are ready to enroll, you’ll need the following:

  • Beneficiary's first, middle and last name (spelled correctly)
  • Beneficiary's date of birth
  • Beneficiary’s home phone number including area code
  • Beneficiary’s permanent street address
  • The mailing address to which all correspondence will be sent (this could be yours or the Medicare beneficiary's)
  • Emergency contact information (this could be you or another person)
  • Beneficiary’s Medicare card
  • Any additional prescription plan information, if applicable
  • Social Security or checking account information if premiums will be deducted directly from an account

PrescribaRxSM Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan offers Eldercare Services. This free program provides you with resources and professional assistance to manage common aging concerns. You’ll have access to:
  • caregiver referrals you can trust
  • discounts on long-term-care facilities
  • wellness assessments
  • emergency travel assistance
  • over-the-phone counseling

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