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Notices and Announcements

You may be looking for information on the Transition Policy or Coverage in Out-of-Network Pharmacies. The Notices and Policies section has information on getting coverage for your drugs.

Download Standard Notices

You may download the Standard Notices document.

Changes to the Formulary

We may periodically add, remove or make changes to coverage limitations on certain drugs or change how much you pay for a drug. If we make any formulary change that limits our members’ ability to fill their prescriptions, we will notify the affected enrollees before the change is made. We will send a formulary to you and you can search an updated version of the formulary using the Searchable Formulary.

Service Area

Community CCRx has plans to serve beneficiaries in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Number of Pharmacies In the Network

Community CCRx has a network of more than 62,000 pharmacies nationwide. Use the Pharmacy Locator to find a network pharmacy.

Access Requirements

Community CCRx has contracts with pharmacies that equal or exceed CMS requirements for pharmacy access in your area.

Contract Notice

Pennsylvania Life Insurance Company is the Plan Sponsor for Community CCRx. In New York State, American Progressive Life & Health Insurance Company of New York is the Plan Sponsor for Community CCRx.

If the Community CCRx Plan Sponsor is No Longer Contracting with Medicare, or Leaves Your Service Area:

In the unlikely event your Plan Sponsor leaves the Medicare program, or no longer offers prescription drug coverage in the service area where you live, we will notify you in writing.

If this happens, your membership in Community CCRx will end, and you will need to enroll in another Medicare Prescription Drug Plan to continue your prescription drug coverage. All of the benefits and rules of Community CCRx would continue until the effective date your membership in Community CCRx ends. You also would continue to receive your prescription drugs in the usual way through Community CCRx’s network pharmacies.

If Community CCRx leaves the Medicare program or your service area, you would need to select another plan. Your choices would include joining another Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) or a Medicare Advantage Plan with prescription drug coverage (MAPD), if these plans are available in your area and are accepting new members. As soon as Community CCRx has notified you in writing that we are leaving the Medicare program or the area where you live, you may enroll in another plan.

The Plan Sponsor is contracted with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the government agency that runs Medicare. This contract is subject to renewal each year.

However, the Plan Sponsor or CMS can decide to end the contract at any time. You will generally be notified 90 days in advance if this situation occurs. However, your advance notice may be as little as 30 days or fewer if CMS must end the contract in the middle of the year.

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