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Collaborating with Doctors

Doctors As Equal Partners

All of our Medicare Advantage health plans share the primary goals of keeping our members safe at home, receiving needed and appropriate medications, connecting with a trusted Primary Care Physician and, if significantly ill, operating under a comprehensive coordinated care plan.

We meet these goals by collaborating with our network doctors and treating them as equal partners. By focusing on doing the right thing for our members, we take on a supportive role for our doctors. The designs of our plans make it easier for our members to see their doctors to get preventive care.

Universal American achieves better health outcomes for our patients through strong professional partnerships, clinically sound benefit designs, total care management, quality outcome measurements, and health policy advocacy.

Cutting Readmission Rates

In 2009, we focused on achieving better outcomes by decreasing hospital readmission rates for our members. Universal American launched a program to connect with our members before and after hospital stays, including reaching out through telephone calls and home visits, to ensure they proper support and resources to fully recover. We also arrange for home medical equipment and transportation to and from doctors’ offices.

As a result of the program, our Medicare Advantage networks' readmission rates within 30 days of a hospital stay are below traditional fee-for- service Medicare's 20% rate*. Many of our networks' readmission rates are below 15% and some are lower than 12%.

We strive to continue to reduce the number of hospital readmissions through our comprehensive care coordination programs.

*Source: "Rehospitalizations among Patients in the Medicare Fee-for-Service Program," The New England Journal of Medicine, April 2, 2022