A Healthy CollaborationSM

Business Units

Universal American’s core business segments include:

Medicare Advantage Health Plans
Our Medicare Advantage Private Fee-for-Service, PPO and HMO products provide Medicare beneficiaries with a broad range of coverage options, including health plans with integrated Medicare Part D Prescription Drug coverage. We offer our Today's Options® Medicare Advantage Private Fee-for-Service plans in 45 states and offer Medicare Advantage PPO and HMO plans in select markets across the country.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans
This segment includes our Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans: Community CCRxSM and PrescribaRxSM. Community CCRx was developed in partnership with the National Community Pharmacists Association and continues to anchor our close relationship with community pharmacists. Both plans are available nationwide and administered by Universal American’s Pharmacy Benefits Manager, MemberHealth LLC.

Traditional Insurance
Our company is one of the nation’s leading underwriters of Medicare Supplement and Medicare Select. In addition, we offer a wide variety of traditional insurance products to the senior market, including dental insurance, fixed benefit accident insurance, sickness disability insurance, and other specialty insurance products.

Senior Administrative Services
Universal American’s administrative services subsidiary, CHCS Services, Inc., provides full-service administration of senior insurance products and is an innovator in geriatric care management. The company utilizes state-of-the-art technology and a national network of highly trained healthcare professionals to provide an administrative platform for insurance and insurance-related products and services. Currently, CHCS Services works with more than 50 companies as well as Universal American’s own insurance company subsidiaries.

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