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Business Units

Senior Managed Care - Medicare Advantage 
This segment includes our Medicare Advantage Private Fee-for-Service and HMO products. We sell our Today's Options® Private Fee-for-Service plans in 47 states across the country and, additionally, offer HMO plans in select markets in Texas, Florida, Wisconsin and Oklahoma.

Senior Market Health Insurance 
This segment focuses on selling health insurance products designed for the senior market through our Senior Solutions career agency force and through our network of independent general agencies. Our primary products are Medicare Supplement, Medicare Select, and Prescription PathwaySM, our Medicare-approved Prescription Drug (Part D) Plan.

Specialty Health Insurance - Self-Employed 
Traditionally, our career agency segment concentrated on selling specialty health insurance products, primarily fixed benefit accident and sickness disability insurance, to the middle-income, self-employed market. Even though the primary focus of this field force has shifted to the core senior market products, a significant number of our career agents continue to actively market these products. This segment also includes certain products that we no longer sell, such as long term care.

Life Insurance 
The focus of this segment is the sale of life insurance products, principally to the senior market. This segment also includes other traditional life and interest-sensitive life insurance products that we no longer actively sell.

Senior Administrative Services 
Universal American’s administrative services subsidiary, CHCS Services, Inc. ("CHCS Services"), has emerged as a leading, full-service administrator of senior insurance products and an innovator in geriatric care management. The company utilizes state of the art technology and a national network of highly trained health care professionals to provide an administrative platform for insurance and insurance-related products and services. Currently, CHCS Services works with more than 50 companies as well as Universal American’s own insurance company subsidiaries.

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