A Healthy CollaborationSM

About Our Collaboration

Healthcare that understands the need for peace of mind.

"A Healthy Collaboration" is more than just a tagline. It is the common thread that runs through all of our health plans and reflects the commitment Universal American shares with community doctors and pharmacists to improve their patient’ health.

Said simply: a Healthy Collaboration is a model of care in which everyone works together for the benefit of the member.

Our Medicare plans are designed to encourage our members to have one healthcare professional to coordinate their care, just like the family doctor of years past. In our network medical plans, that person is a community doctor. In our prescription drug plans, that person is a community pharmacist.

Our Healthy Collaboration is personal healthcare the way our members remember it.

  • Talking to one person who understands their health needs.
  • Treating illness, while preventing disease.
  • Understanding how and when to take medicines.
  • Saving money while filling prescriptions and seeing the doctor.
  • And, knowing who to call when they have questions.
Our Healthy Collaboration model means good medicine for our members: improved health, improved confidence in their healthcare—at a lower cost. Just what the doctor ordered.

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