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Information for Sales Representatives

Universal American Sales Representatives are required to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct. The expectation of each Universal American representative is to:

  • Always have the best interest of the prospective member or policyholder in mind.
  • Represent all product benefits accurately.
  • Offer a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the Universal American product lines.
  • Continue providing exemplary service long after any coverage is issued.

Our sales representatives are dedicated to serving the needs of people with Medicare. In fact, our Healthy Collaboration often begins with our knowledgeable licensed and contracted field agents, who help consumers understand the coverage options available to them and who work diligently to guide these individuals toward healthcare or insurance plans that will best meet their individual needs.

In support of these efforts, we provide our sales representatives with dedicated home office support and a variety of efficient tools that will assist them in conducting and managing their business. We offer:

  • Comprehensive product portfolio
  • Convenient online contracting
  • Easy application and enrollment processes
  • Comprehensive, online certification and training programs
  • Compliant, low-cost direct mail lead generation programs
  • Live educational events (conference calls, webinars)
  • Flash communications, news, and updates
  • Continuous online access to forms, tools, reports
  • And more!

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